Sibiu – Transfagarasan Road

The Transfagarasan Road trip starts in the morning with a drive through picturesque villages towards the high peaks of Carpathian mountains.

More than 150 kilometres in length it’s Romania’s most spectacular and best known road and one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, since the popular TV show Top Gear reserved one entire show to this special road in 2009. It is open on it’s entire length only from June to October and the road’s highest point is at 2042 metres. This road makes the connection between the two historical regions: Transylvania and Valachia using a tunnel which links the northern and southern sides at Lake Balea (Balea Lac).

We will reserve many moments for taking pictures as the views are absolutely stunning. So make sure you have enough space on your photo camera because it will hard to stop.

A stop for coffee up at Balea Lake is welcomed.  As we will recover our breath we will prepare our self for the second part of our trip, descending the mountain and approaching the real Dracula Castle at Poenari built at the beginning of the 14th century by Wallachian prince Radu Voda . Found high above the end of the Transfagarasan Highway, it looks menacingly down at the pass below, as if daring invading armies to try and take it. Visiting the castle is only for the very fittest: there are more than 1500 very steep steps. If not, do not be dissapointed, as another architectural wonder waits to be discovered, just before we had back to Sibiu: Curtea de Arges monastery.

The construction of the monastery began at the begining of the 16th century, in the time of Neagoe Basarab (1512-1517), the king of Wallachia. It is also the resting places for other four important royal heads of Romania: King Ferdinand I and his wife queen Maria and King Carol I and his wife Queen Elisabeth.



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