Discover old town of Sibiu (3 hours)

Discover old town of Sibiu in a enjoyable walk through the streets of old town of Sibiu. Let us show you why Sibiu has been voted in top 10 places to visit in Europe and why we are so proud to be part of the Sibiu city present life. Sibiu has so much to offer to his visitors and we are shore you will keep Sibiu in your list of places to return. We like to think at this tour in Sibiu like a tour of the past history, the present life and future friendship. We like to combine visiting the medieval town with the pleasure of a relaxing time at one the cafee so we can get to know each other in a relax atmosphere.

Itinerary: Big Square, Small Square, Huet Square,Orthodox Cathedral, Lutheran Church, Catholic Church, Council Tower ,Liars Bridge and others.

Why limit your visit to admiring these places without learning their story, there people, there secrets?

Our Sibiu tour will include the following main atractions, but not only them:

Big Square : First mentioned in documents in 1411 as a cereal market, the square existing since 1366 when the third fortification belt of the city was finalized. For hundreds of years the square was named Der Grosse Ring or Grosser Platz, between the two world wars it was called King Ferdinand Square, the communists named it the Republic Square and starting with 1990 it returned to its original name.

Small Square: The Small Square lies on the surface of the second girdle of fortified walls of the town that started in a semicircle from the Priests Tower to the Liar’s Bridge where it joined the first fortified precincts.

Huet Square : Huet Square is the third of the three main squares of Sibiu but it is the oldest in Sibiu. Its most notable feature is the Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral in its center. It is the place where the earliest fortifications have been built in the late 12th century or early 13th century.

Orthodox Cathedral : The initiative of building an orthodox cathedral in Sibiu belonged to bishop Andrei Şaguna as early as 1857, the actual building starting only in 1902. It attempts to copy, at a smaller scale, the elevation of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople .

Evanghelic Church : The Evangelic Church is one of the most impressive buildings in Sibiu. It was raised in the 14th century on the location of an old Roman church dating from the 12th century. The building is dominated by the seven level tower with the four towers on the corners, a mark showing that the city had the right of condemnation. With a height of 73.34 meters, the tower is the tallest in Transylvania

Reformed church : Built between 1783 and 1786, the church appears as a solemn monument, standing out due to its narrow front in the Baroque style. The serious interior, requested by the canons of the Calvinist cult, renders the image of a hall-like church with an apse .

Council Tower : It is one of the most famous monuments of Sibiu. It bears this name because it used to defend the entrance gate into the second precinct, situated in the immediate vicinity of the building which once hosted the City Hall of Sibiu, mentioned in the documents for the first time in 1324 (no. 31, Small Square, recently rehabilitated).  The probable dating corresponds to the building of the second fortification precinct, that is the period between 1224 and 1241, in its initial form the building’s height not surpassing four stories.


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